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ISO683-11 15NiCr13 20NiCrMo2 C10 C15E4 20MnCr5 alloy coil.US $670.00-$970.00 / Ton 25 Tons (Min.Order) 2 YRS .Tianjin Zhejian Steel Co.,jis scr420h Carbon Steel Sheet Stock Plates and Coils 1135 1136 [technical data ] comparison of material jis and related overseas standards 1 15nicr13 20nicrmo2 20nicrmos2 20ncd2 40xh 15x 15xa 20x 30x 35x 40x 45x 20xm 20xm 30xm 30xma 35xm 34cr4 34crs4 17cr3 17crs3 34cr4 34crs4 37cr4 37crs4.More News.iso683 1 22mn6 28mn6 36mn6 steeltechnical data comparison of material jis and [technical data] comparison of material jis and related overseas standards 22mn6 36mn6 42mn6 41craimo74 22mn6 36mn6 42mn6 20cr4 20crs4 34cr4 34crs434cr4 37cr4 37crs4 41cr4 41crs4 18crmo4 18crmos4 34crmo4 34crmos4 42crmo4 42crmos4 15nicr13 20nicrmo2 20nicrmos2

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type en material name (en 10083) en material number germany (din 17200) spain (une 36011-12) france (nf a35-552-86) italy (uni 7846) usa (aisi/sae) japan (jis)Type of Steel Grades Acciai Sidex15NiCr13 (W.1.5752) 20NiCrMo2-2 (W.1.6523) 17NiCrMo6-4 (ex 18NiCrMo5) W.1.6566 18CrNiMo7-6 (W.1.6587) 16NiCrMo12 (UNI 7847-UNI 8550) ~ W.1.6657 Thermal treatment Generally supplied annealed,but can also be supplied normalized or as rolled upon request.BARS IN STEELS FOR HARDENING AND TEMPERING - NOT ALLOYED.TECHNICAL DATA COMPARISON OF MATERIAL JIS AND15NiCr13 20NiCrMo2 20NiCrMoS2 41CrNiMo2 41CrNiMoS2 20Cr4 20CrS4 34Cr4 34CrS4 34Cr4 34CrS4 37Cr4 37CrS4 37Cr4 37CrS4 41Cr4 41CrS4 JIS JIS G 4105 4104 JIS G 4102 4103 I AISI B S 970 Part1,3 BS EN 10083 1,2 DIN EN 10084 NF A35 551 4543 NF EN 10083 1,2 DIN EN 10083 1,2 SAE 683/1,10,11 5 S O


15NiCr13 20NiCrMo2 20NiCrMoS2 41CrNiMo2 41CrNiMoS2 20Cr4 20CrS4 34Cr4 34CrS4 34Cr4 34CrS4 37Cr4 37CrS4 37Cr4 37CrS4 41Cr4 41CrS4 JIS JIS G 4104 4105 JIS 4102 4103 I AISI B S 970 Part1,3 BS EN 10083 1,2 DIN EN 10084 NF A35 551 4543 NF EN 10083 1,2 DIN EN 10083 1,2 SAE 683/1,10,11 5 S OSteels database - Granit EngDescription Materials 1.0 represents a support to the metallurgical design of a component,to the inspection during the quality control and to the manufacture of the same.The classification of the materials is performed favouring the alphanumerical designation except for the materials where the trade name is dominant.Steel grades - conTRANCE1.5752 15NiCr13 1.6523 20NiCrMo2-2 21NiCrMo2 1.6526 20NiCrMoS2-2 21NiCrMoS2 1.6566 17CrNiMo6-4 1.6569 17CrNiMoS6-4 1.6571 20NiCrMoS6-4 1.6587 18CrNiMo7-6 1.6657 14NiCrMo13-4 1.6660 20NiCrMo13-4 Nitriding steel DIN EN

Standard steels Ascometal

Standard steelsAscometal 15nicr13 20nicrmo2also offers the usual product range complying with the relevant standards of the Oil Gas sector AISI 4130/4130 modMechanical characteristics conforming to API 6A in a large dimensional rangeH2S variant hardness 15nicr13 20nicrmo2lt; 22 HRCGood weldabilityGood micro-cleanlinessAISI 4140Mechanical characteristics conforming to API 7.1 in a large dimensionalSome results are removed in response to a notice of local law requirement.For more information,please see here.Previous123456NextSome results are removed in response to a notice of local law requirement.For more information,please see here.12345NextTECHNICAL INFORMATION - Professional Fushun Specialsteel supply gear steel included 20NiCrMo2-2 1.6523 SNCM220 8620 1.6510 39NiCrMo3 36CrNiMo4 9840 20NiCrMo13-4 1.6660 1.6587 X4317 18CrNiMo7-6

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Specifications include European Standard EN 10084,BS970 635m15,655m13,665m17,805m20,832m13.16MnCr5,16NiCr4,15NiCr13,20NiCrMo2-2.American AISI/SAE 3415,4615,8620.Alloy Direct Hardening Steels Steels in this group contain two or more of the alloying element nickel,chromium,molybdenum,vanadium.Schrott- und Legierungszuschl 15nicr13 20nicrmo2#228;ge g 15nicr13 20nicrmo2#252;ltig ab 1.Mar 2021~15NiCr13 443 576 1.6523 152B,G SAE 8620 20NiCrMo2-2 107 139 1.6545 SAE 8630 107 139 1.6569 17NiCrMoS6-4 219 285 1.6580 30CrNiMo8 341 443 1.6582 356D 34CrNiMo6 249 324 1.6587 159S 18CrNiMo7-6 266 346 1.6758 23MnNiMoCr5 4 206 268 1.6782 253F 16NiCrMo12-6 443 576 1.7035 5513,5515 41Cr4 21 27 Schrott- und Legierungszuschl 15nicr13 20nicrmo2#228;ge g 15nicr13 20nicrmo2#252;ltig ab 1.Jan 2021~15NiCr13 396 515 1.6523 152B,G SAE 8620 20NiCrMo2-2 96 125 1.6545 SAE 8630 96 125 1.6569 17NiCrMoS6-4 196 255 1.6580 30CrNiMo8 306 398 1.6582 356D 34CrNiMo6 223 290 1.6587 159S 18CrNiMo7-6 239 311 1.6758 23MnNiMoCr5 4 184 239 1.6782 253F 16NiCrMo12-6 397 516 1.7035 5513,5515 41Cr4 19 25

Schrott- und Legierungszuschl 15nicr13 20nicrmo2#228;ge g 15nicr13 20nicrmo2#252;ltig ab 1.Feb 2021

~15NiCr13 407 529 1.6523 152B,G SAE 8620 20NiCrMo2-2 99 129 1.6545 SAE 8630 99 129 1.6569 17NiCrMoS6-4 202 263 1.6580 30CrNiMo8 316 411 1.6582 356D 34CrNiMo6 230 299 1.6587 159S 18CrNiMo7-6 247 321 1.6758 23MnNiMoCr5 4 191 248 1.6782 253F 16NiCrMo12-6 410 533 1.7035 5513,5515 41Cr4 19 25 Material Equivalent Standards - Neelcon SteelMaterial Equivalent Standards equivalent standards table,equivalent standards steel.equivalent standards to iso 9001,equivalent standards astm,equivalent standards st52,material equivalent standards,asme equivalent standards,iso equivalent standards,We listed up our recommendations for you !Neelcon Steel offers C45 Plate and moreFree tools specific for mechanical and metallurgical designFree tools relative to surface hardness calculation,contact fatigue check and measuring,mechanical fatigue,drawing indications,compression springs calculation,extension springs calculation,Haigh diagram,Goodman Smith diagram,steels database - Granit Engineering

File Size 625KBPage Count 6[Materials] } 15nicr13 20nicrmo2#161; 15nicr13 20nicrmo2lt; [Materials Data] Standard Material Sizes

SNC815H 15NiCr13 655H13 15NiCr13 SNCM220H 20NiCrMo2 20NiCrMoS2 8617H 8620H 8622H 805H17 805H20 805H22 20NCD2 SNCM420H 4320H Japan Industrial Standards Steel Type Related to Foreign Standards Standard Number Name Symbol ISO 683/1,10,115) AISI SAE BS 970 Part1,3 BS EN 100831,2 DIN EN 10084 DIN EN 10083 File Size 303KBPage Count 1Images of 15NiCr13 20nicrmo2 tighareh 1.5920 - 18CrNi8ausasteelAUSA special steels Case hardening steel 20NiCrMo2-2szrosteel_szrosteel_ausasteelAUSA Special Steels Acero de Cementaci 15nicr13 20nicrmo2#243;n 16MnCr5 - AUSA Special Steels imagesTECHNICAL DATA COMPARISON OF MATERIALS15NiCr13 20NiCrMo2 20NiCrMoS2 41CrNiMo2 41CrNiMoS2 20Cr4 20CrS4 34Cr4 34CrS4 34Cr4 34CrS4 37Cr4 37CrS4 37Cr4 37CrS4 41Cr4 41CrS4 JIS G 4102 JIS G 4103 JIS G 4104 JIS G 4105 I A I S I B S 970 Part1,3 BS EN 10083-1,2 DIN EN 10084 NF A35-551 o 4543 NF EN 10083-1,2 DIN EN 10083-1,2 SAE 683/1,10,11 5 S O O C T)EN 10084 Case hardening steels - Grades/Numbers1.5752 15NiCr13 1.5805 10NiCr5-4 1.5810 18NiCr5-4 1.6523 20NiCrMo2-2 1.6526 20NiCrMoS2-2 1.6566 17NiCrMo6-4 1.6569 17NiCrMoS6-4 1.6571 20NiCrMoS6-4

Comparison of steel grades by chemistry in production

Before the selection is made,it is necessary to define the National Standard (in column Standard).The Technical and Delivery requirement (in column TDR) are not preconditions.Resulting list will contain the type of steel grade that is corresponding (identical) to the types accessible by the National Standards including the indication of the steel type corresponding according to theBS EN 10084 - [PDF Document]Apr 16,2015 15nicr13 20nicrmo2#0183;15NiCr13+H.20NiCrMo2-2+H.w17NiCrMo6-4+H 17NiCrMoS6-4+H 20NiCrMoS6-4+H 18CrNiMo7-6+H 14NiCrMo13-4+H 20NiCrMo13-4+H.20NiCrMoS2-2+H.w .b1.5810+H max.min.49 41 1.5918+H max.min.47 39 1.5752+H max.min.max.min.max.min.max.min.max.min.max.min.max.min.48 41 49 41 48 40 49 41 48 40 47 39 53 43.zf41 32.15Ausdrucke unterliegen nicht dem Aenderungsdienst EN 10084:2008 (E) 36 Annex E (informative) Classification of steel grades according to minimum tensile strength as a function of diameter after hardening and tempering at 200 15nicr13 20nicrmo2#176;C Table E.1 Rm min MPa d 16 mm 16 mm 15nicr13 20nicrmo2lt; d 40 mm 40 mm 15nicr13 20nicrmo2lt; d 100 mm 1400 1200 1100 1000 900 800 700 600 500 400 20NiCrMo13-4 20MnCr5,20MnCrS5,17NiCrMo6-4,17NiCrMoS6-4,

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1.6523 20NiCrMo2-2 8620H 805H20 1.5752 15NiCr13/14NiCr14 3310 655H13 Process details.Carburising is a thermochemical diffusion process which adds carbon to the surface of a low carbon steel (typically 0.25% carbon) with other alloying elements.The carbon diffusion depth and the related effective case hardening depth (ECD) can Alloyed Steels - Steel Data17CrNi6-6,15NiCr13,20NiCrMo2-2,20NiCrMoS2-2,17NiCrMo6-4,17NiCrMoS6-4 Steels 17MnCr5 Steel 17NiCrMo6 Steel 17NiCrMo6-4 H Steel 17NiCrMo6-4 HH Steel 17NiCrMo6-4 HL Steel 18CrMo4 Steel 18CrNiMnMo7-5-5 Steel 18CrNiMo7-6 Steel 18CrNiMo7-6 Steel 18CrNiMo7-6 Steel 18NCD6 Steel 18NiCrMo5 Steel 18XT Steel 19MnCr5 Steel 19MnVS6 SteelAUSA special steels Product Catalogue - AUSA special steelsI have read and accept the legal conditions and personal data protection policy.Responsible AUSA PROCESOS Y ESTUDIOS,S.A.Purpose Management of requests and queries.Legitimation Consent obtained,legitimate interest and compliance with regulations.Recipients Third party service providers,including international transfers.Rights Access,rectification,

AUSA special steels AUSA special steels

AUSA A partner for your ideas Special Steels Wide range of rolled steel and forged steels in stock,with an immediate delivery service.View products Cold drawn Steels We manufacture cold drawn steels.Wide range of stock and immediate service.View products Technical information Weight calculator Calculate the theoretical weight of material and the priceAISI/SAE Steels - Steel Data20MoCr4,20MoCrS4,16NiCr4,16NiCrS4,10NiCr5-4,18NiCr5-4,17CrNi6-6,15NiCr13,20NiCrMo2-2,20NiCrMoS2-2,17NiCrMo6-4,17NiCrMo6-4 Steels 20NiCrMoS6-4,18CrNiMo7-6,14NiCrMo13-4 Steels 20NiCrMoS6-4,18CrNiMo7-6,14NiCrMo13-4 Steels 2315 Steel 2320,2330 Steels 2330 H Steel 2340 Steel 2340 Steel 2512 Steel 2515 H Steel 2517 H Steel= - steelsalesman0.5Ni355,00Cr17Ni14Mo2,040A15,045A10,045M10,070M20,070M26,070M36,070M40,070M46,070M50,070M55,070M60,080M15,080M30,080M32,080M36,080M40,080M46

36nicrmo16 alloy steel,36nicrmo16 alloy steel Suppliers

Black Bar DIN 1.5752 15NiCr13 Alloy Steel Round Bar Case Hardening Steel.US $650.00-$950.00 / Ton.3.0 Tons (Min.Order) 5 YRS Jiangsu 20nicrmo2 2 steel 20nicrmo2e alloy steel forging flat bar 20nicrmo2 36nicrmo16 steel round bar round bar 20nicrmo2 20nicrmo2 2 20nicrmo2 20nicrmo2 2 structural steel alloy steel 20nicrmo2 2 20nicrmo2 25 25 46 45 43 41 38 37 33 31 30 30 29 15NiCr13HL46 46 46 45 43 41 38 37 33 31 30 30 29 15NiCr13+HL 1.5752+HL min.41 41 41 40 38 36 33 30 24 22 22 21 21 max.49 48 45 42 36 33 31 30 27 25 24 24 23 20NiCrMo2-2+HH 20NiCrMoS2-2+HH 1.6523+HH 1.6526+HH min.44 41 36 31 27 24 22 21 - - - - - max.20NiCrMo2-2,AISI 8620,805M20 - Case-hardening steelSteel grades 15NiCr13,20NiCr 20NiCrMo2-2,AIS 20NiCrMo2-2,1.6523,AISI 8620 - Case-hardening steel Case-hardening steel 20NiCrMo2-2,1.6523,AISI 8620,805M20 for heavy duty parts of machines and vehicles according to and EN 10084.

15NiCr13,20NiCrMo2-2,18CrMo4 - Case-hardening steel

20NiCrMo2-2 - 1.6523 - AISI 8620 - Chrome-nickel-molybdenum steel 18CrNi8 - 1.5920 - 822M17 - Chrome-nickel steel 18NiCr5-4 - 18NiCr6-4 - 1.5810 - Chromium-nickel steel 16NiCrMo12 - 16NCD13,AISI 9310 - Chrome-nickel-molybdenum steel 15NiCr13 - 1.5752 - 655M13 - 12HN3A - Chromium-nickel steel for particularly loaded parts(MATERIAL SYMBOL CHART BY15NiCr13 20NiCrMo2 20NiCrMo2 41CrNiMo2 TC140 TC120 TC105 TC90 TC90 TC80 TC70 105WCr1 105WCr1 TCV105 1 40CrMoV5 55NiCrMoV2 TS9 TS18 Japan U.S.A.Germany Description JIS ASTM AISI DIN ISO General structural steel Carbon Steel Alloy Steel Alloy Steel Carbon Tool Steel

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